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Appleville Ep 1 Appleville Ep 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good start

I would really like to see more episodes from this creative duo and for a start it's not bad but it does have some very noticeable mishaps.

To start off the animation and graphics were top notch, they were both smooth and well put, you obviously took a lot of time perfecting it and it really shows. The humor is the same but not as well done. You have based this entire flash of random humor which is fine because you do so well, it's just that the overall pacing of the story doesn't really help pat the humor on the back like you would want it to.

The overall storyline isn't the problem here, it's the pacing. The story is paced very slowly which when in function to the random humor doesn't really seem to fit. Random humor is usually a very quick little pinch, the pace of the flash doesn't really lend itself to that very well and makes most of the jokes seem very monotonous and dull.

With great visuals but a slow paced story which in turn dulls down the humor.


I would love to see more of this.

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FrozenSheep responds:

When I got to see the movie as a whole, the pace bothered me a lot. In the end there was not much I could do about it without major changes.

Nice thing to know for the next one.

Metal Gear Funnies Metal Gear Funnies

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Probably the funniest thing I've seen on this site

Honestly this was hilarious, every single joke was just so well done, and perfectly executed. The art and animation were also very well thought out.

This is one of my new favorite flashes, and I don't get why it is getting such bad reception, seriously if you can't take a little cock joke here and there with some gay jokes you should really consider leaving this website. With that being said those of you who have a sence of humor will be very pleased with how very well made this is.

I honesty can't really say a whole lot of bad things about this, sure they may have been one to many cock jokes, but there were also a lot of other great original jokes in there, my favorite would have to be MGS parody maker talks to himself, so well done!

Bravo you guys, you seriously deserve a standing ovation.

a perfect

Race Across The Rainbow Race Across The Rainbow

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A beautiful message copped with a beautiful flash

This has defined flash. By mixing 3-D tools that add to the scenery you have created a beautiful world full of discovery.

I liked this flash heart and soul not only for the songs lovely tune but also for the smooth animation that goes by with such grace. The only thing I thought that brought this flash to life most importantly was the scenery, it was simply gorgeous. The atmosphere above the clouds gave off a smooth feeling only to be mixed with the chaotic action of the race. While the 3-D tools really added to the scenery giving it more life like personality however at the same time it also distracted the animation, what I mean by this and let me get this straight it was not your fault but sometimes the 3-D parts would twitch a bit (probably from the rendering though im not sure) this may not seem like a lot but when it did something felt off about the whole feeling of wonderfulness.

One thing I like was the message at the end of the film. The animation made it stand out a lot but the words really added to it. Only problem was that the text just seemed to come and go never really stopping for us to read which made me feel a little lost at first.

a splended animation with a greatly executed brilliant message.


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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Hello Morrowdays

This was an odd flash, very mysterious and didn't really let the watcher really sink into the feeling.

First off your graphics looked very, loopy and kinda psychedelic like it was right out of the 60's which I like. nd the animation was very smooth, the music very soft and creepy.

That doesn't mean this was perfect as of it was very short and the ending didn't really feel very exact and which all together made it look really jumbled and confusing which does of course give it an even richer creepy feel but at the same rime the end comes very abrupt maybe even to abrupt because at the end I didn't really feel like I got much out of it as I would have liked to.

I hope you get better and get you out of your Tom Fulp Syndrome.


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MorrowDays responds:

Hello Aquaticmole

I wasnt even alive during the sixties, but that loopy look was definitely what I was going for :)

You may not have completely enjoyed how abruptly it ended, but that was the sensation I wanted to give the viewer whether they wanted it or not, so either way I still win :)

maybe I'll take some pills for the sickness or something, thanks.

Norm&Cecil: ZipperFingers Norm&Cecil: ZipperFingers

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Funny yet crude humor with minor bumps

Fist off this is a great flash that reminds me of beavis and butt head but with rough drawings, brings this movie down a few.

Both your graphics and animation really captivate the crude humor which this flash brings out. The only problem was that in some ways they just looked too rough and didn't really look like you took you rushed in order to get the flash in,

It was good start and hope to see more from this.

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Superior-Babboon responds:

The simple animation and crudeness was what we were trying to achieve. =)

~Night-Ranger & Superior-Babboon

Slugs 3 Slugs 3

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Could be better.

It was an alright flash which could be much better, graphics and animation could both be more smooth.

Graphics and animation - Both were alright but could better for animation it seems like it was going to slow and for a flash that is based all around fast paced killing it felt like it was being slowed down because of the animation. Another thing that felt a little was that the enemys just sorta stayed out and didn't even try to attack the main character which overall made the flash seem very boring. Graphics. The graphics were alright but could be much improved. The backgrounds were just plain boring with little to no variation. And most of the character models just looked sloppy.

Improve on graphics and animation and this could very well be a beautiful gory flash.

Gorefest5 responds:

thanks, i'll get on that in the next one, hopefully

YoinK's Newgrounds YoinK's Newgrounds

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was allright fun to watch.

The graphics are top notch but the way they enter and leave doesn't seem very creative :(

Graphics & animation - Very nice graphics show off your artistic greatness but I felt that the animation could have been better. By better I mean the way some of the objects came into the video it didn't really seem very creative some of them just show up and leave with very little creative interactivity with you.

Now I know it's tough to really nail the interactivity with something that's not really there but it seems like you didn't really try very to do it with some objects which looked a little lazy because you did it well with some but the others in which you didn't interact with really showed.

For great grapics nice interactivity with some images yet some without creative or any interactivity an 8/10

YoinK responds:

I used a ton of masking if you didn't notice.... :P

Klay World: The Rodent 1 Klay World: The Rodent 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Definitly a classic knox film!

I must admit that some of your newer films weren't very funny. There seemed to be some charm that was in your old movies that js poofed out after you made your feature length movie.

This claymation however brings back all the old charm that you once had with nicer looking clay people and greater animation. My favorite scene by far was the town hall scene I really couldn't stop laughing. Great job.

The one part I didn't like was when it's Dr bob the sheriff and the two people left. The conversation just didn't seem to be that funny, like I mean it seemed like you were trying to make an awkward situation but it didn't really work out that well, and just dragged on.

Congrats on getting your charm back. Can't wait for part 2. VERY FUNNY!

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Break The Walls Down! Break The Walls Down!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Funny cool and original.

Very amusing to watch I liked how they had a whole bunch of gadgets for how to break the wall.

The animation was very smooth and nice FBF work put in. On the downside some of the backgrounds were were lacking in detail which is something that would have made this a whole much better.

While the animation was smooth and even though the grounds weren't as textured, what really kept this alive is the humor. One thing that needed to be put in would be use of Sound fx, since there was nothing but music it seemed a little dry especially when there was an explosion.

Also at the end the credit music overlaps it self into the animation if you wanted to replay it. :(

So work on textures and details for your second project. Also 50 frames collab should be due out soon in case you were wondering :3


Superawesomeness responds:

Awesome, glad you liked it! Hope to see it out soon.

Madness+Slayer Madness+Slayer

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Twas allright.

It was alright, The music could have had better quality but also, im just not a slayer fan, so whatever.

Animation was pretty bad to be honest. The whole thing was really pointless, yet for some reason fun to watch. Back on track... the animation could have defiantly been better, Try working on making them actually move whilst they're playing guitar and not just shake. Also when he was killing the guy it seemed really choppy try making the frames per second higher.

As for graphics, they honestly weren't that bad, The only thing i would have liked to see might have been a better background and nicer hands.

It twas allright the title gives what it says with no drawback what so ever. Was short and sweet and fun to watch. Just work on the animation for your next project.

Thats' it.


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Achromatic responds:

Thanks for your review.